Taking a look at the continuous growth in technology in our immediate environment, the benefits of e-learning on the educational sector cannot be over emphasized as it brings a lot of positives in general. Some of which include:

  • Students can access study materials unlimited times
  • Online Learning can accommodate everyone’s needs.
  • It encourages students to do a lot of research online.
  • Students can access updated content when they want.
  • It promotes a self-paced training schedule for students.
  • Classes are taken anywhere and at any time the student or tutor feels convenient.
  • e-learning is cost effective as it saves money, time and reduced transportation cost.
  • Web-based learning promotes active and independent learning.
  • It closes the complex of age limitation as e-learning can have students of any age.
  • One biggest advantage of the internet or e-learning is that one can educate oneself in the comfort of their own home and get a degree.

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