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February 14, 2022

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"Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” -…
February 8, 2022


Gamification is a fast-emerging technique used in e-Learning to engage learners. Gamification goes way higher…
January 25, 2022

Benefits of Online Learning

Taking a look at the continuous growth in technology in our immediate environment, the benefits…

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You are welcome to Babcock University Centre for Open Distance and e-Learning (BUCODeL)! We aim to provide excellent faith-based affordable higher education via ICT supported open and distance learning delivery mode.

BUCODeL equips learners with functional literacies, skills and competencies needed to develop expertise in a variety of relevant disciplines in the contemporary technological knowledge-driven society while inculcating ethical values of integrity, responsibility and accountability, among others. We achieve this by deploying and providing robust learner support to our pool of diverse learners. Undoubtedly, we are bridging the gap between academia and the industry through the balanced syllabus, continuous industry interactions and internships, learner motivation and capacity development.

I trust that you will embrace this initiative of charting a new course for leveraging e-learning in delivering a robust and transformational education.


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