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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Benefit?

Those who aspire to have a degree or a professional certification.

Persons with O’ Level results or it’s equivalent at not more than two sittings.

How Do Online Programs Work?

You’ll learn through the Learning Management System (LMS)

How Do I Choose a Program?

Visit the Centre’s website for information.

What is the website of the centre?

Can the school fees be paid in instalments?

Yes. Payable in two instalments.

How are the courses registered?

Through the Student Information System (SIS). Information will be sent to successful applicants.

How can I access course materials?

Through the LMS and designated centres for hard copies/cds.

What support is available to students?

Online Learner’s support services including;

e-Tutoring (Tutors available to give further explanations to learners on academic matters)

Information Advice and Guidance (IA&G) on career paths

Guidance Counselling providing psychosocial support and training.


Will I be required to be physically present in school?

During examinations and / OR Orientation and Revision